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A Taste of Walla Walla in Portland

The Walla Walla Wine Alliance conducts a tasting in Portland in the spring of every year and it has always been one that I look forward to the most. This is the tasting that highlights this strange land to the … Continue reading

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Six-Pack of Ammontillado

Years ago the wife and I bought a “fixer” house. At the time we had a need for a band house able to accommodate 7 people, and their respective “others” on occasion. It also had to have a basement for … Continue reading

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Vertical Grange des Peres (plus Bonus)

Many years ago I was working at a wine distributor as a driver and warehouse guy. It’s not a glorious position but gives you some flexibility, if you’re efficient enough, and gives you access to a warehouse of wine at … Continue reading

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A delicious shout-out to my favorite Thanksgiving wines!

I know lately I’ve been the champion of budget wines. But that wasn’t always the way. When you work in the business you don’t really think about that $25 wine being a special occasion bottle. It more of a “Mmmmm … Continue reading

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Viva Portugal!

So let’s face it. We don’t really know jack about Portugal, do we? If you had a similar educational experience like me in the American public school system, we all learned about Portuguese explorer Christopher Columbus, right? Well, it seems … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me what I’m tasting!

I made a comment in the last blog post that created quite a furor. Or, it could have if I had any readers. In regards to not describing all the characteristics of a specific wine, what I was saying is … Continue reading

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4 More Spectacular Finds

In the continuation of the “what to drink when you can’t afford what you really want” series, I thought I might bring up a few more example of some of my favorite wines that appeared on our dinner table and … Continue reading

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Adult Sized Juice-Box

Unemployed? Underemployed? Living as a poor, underprivileged artist, writer, or musician? I think a lot of us are in that same boat at this point.  This is when the creativity comes out in how to afford wine that falls out … Continue reading

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CV 3.0

Time to dust off the old wine blog. It’s been a long while of no writing and seeing as I have a bit more time on my hands, now it is a great time to entertain y’all. I know there’s … Continue reading

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Case Project: Conclusion

The original question was “Is a value still a value if you don’t want to drink it in the first place?”. And the original premise was to get a case of cheaper wine that doesn’t have anything to do with … Continue reading

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