One more thing . . .

Yes, I know it’s been a week, and I’m well underway in the Case Project, here. I’ve sampled quite a few and have been pondering the proper way to display the selections. I don’t always take the best notes possible which makes me a bad, bad wine guy. What good is a photographic memory if that’s a visual skill, right? (Actual photographic memory notwithstanding.)

Oh, and by the way, I had forgotten to mention that one more stipulation I had imposed on the project was that these are all red wines. Usually you can find that white wines are less expensive to begin with, and the quality can also usually remain pretty decent at lower price levels. Why is that? It’s certainly another discussion, but I believe a lot of it has to do with treatment.

Many whites are harvested earlier, where they may have a lower chance of rot or later-season weather damage. They don’t take up as much time for fermentation considering there’s little to no need for maceration (leaving on the skins to add flavor and tannin in the case of red wines). Also, they don’t take up the space that red wine does while aging in barrel or cask. This extra cost I usually refer to as “paying the wine’s back rent”. But then, I’ll discuss that at a later date.

So since you can find inexpensive white wines as simply as . . . er . . . (insert metaphor here), we’re going to do all the reds. Inexpensive reds are more elusive and a heckuvalot more variable in quality.

Anyway, I thought the best way to display these wines would be, perhaps, one to three at a time, so a to not overwhelm the page, the dear reader, and the humble writer. In addition to the mad blogging skillz, I’ve also personally shot the photos seen for the bottles, some end up better than others. So let’s get started on whether or not the bottles are deals, or duds. (Sorry. Best alliteration I could come up with on the fly.)

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